The Free Puzzle January 3 might have you scratching your head. Or maybe not. Depends on how good of a word game puzzle person you are. If you enjoy words and finding them within the best of the structure, you might breeze through these cool puzzles. I always notice it also depends on your focus. Are you being distracted? Is it easy to get away from a good puzzle when you have too many things going on at once. I, personally, have never been a multi-tasker when it comes to puzzles (or much in life for that matter). So when I sit down to put together a puzzle – like the one below- I spend all my time focusing on making it the best. Of course, if the dog comes over for a hug, I have to stop. Priorities!

The fun of having a puzzle a day continues. If you don’t want to play on screen, download the PDF: Free Puzzle January 3. Send it to friends and family! Even forward the file to your teacher for the kids. Let’s all share in some fun that includes honoring all sorts of puzzles for National Puzzle Day. This year we are celebrating this cool little holiday on January 29 and I couldn’t be more excited.

The answer of this puzzle is slightly different than other word search puzzle as it’s two-step. First you need to find all the letters. Then you will need to take the final letters left over and make a word which will describe the entire puzzle. Sounds easy? Well, give it a try to find out!

Today’s Free Word Search Puzzle

Brain Baffler


Find and circle each word. The answer is formed by correctly arranging letters left over.

Free Puzzle January 3


  1. BLANK
  2. CHECK
  3. CLASS
  4. CRAM
  5. DESK
  6. EASY
  7. EXAM
  8. FACT
  9. FAIL
  10. FALSE
  11. FINISH
  12. GRADE
  13. GUESS
  14. HARD
  15. LEARN
  16. MARKS
  19. QUIET
  20. QUIZ
  22. REVIEW
  23. SCORE
  24. STORY
  25. STUDY
  26. TIME
  27. TRUE
  28. WRITE


Again, if you don’t want to play online, download the PDF and enjoy a quiet night playing on paper in front of the fireplace: Free Puzzle January 3

Looking for the answer? Drop us a line on the contact form with the date of the puzzle and we will forward it to you ASAP! Happy playing!