FREE Puzzles – Download and Play

Free Puzzles? In honor of National Puzzle Day, all through the Month of January we will be offering FREE puzzles for the taking. It sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s not! If you enjoy a good brain twisting moment, then make sure you check back here to find out all the latest downloads available. Our First Free Puzzle to get started: Free Puzzle #2 Our full list of Free puzzles are here:

FREE Word Search Puzzle Book Volume I (PDF)

Downloadable Circle Words Puzzle Volume II (PDF)

FREE Puzzle January 2

How Can I Play too?

Each free puzzle will be a PDF for you to download, print and play. Obviously, we’d like you to have a good time with friends and family, so don’t hesitate to share these exciting puzzles as you wish. We will be steadily adding the different puzzles so come back and play them all whenever you have a minute!

What is the right age for the free puzzles?

Perfect for kids, adults, classrooms & even groups. Free puzzles are just a great way to relax, enjoy and sharpen your mind skills. IF the puzzles are to hard, no sweat, try a different one? Too easy? May we point out it’s because you are so smart that it wasn’t a big enough challenge? (Do try another.)

Can I share these National Puzzle Day free puzzles with others?

Of course! Once you download the puzzles, don’t hesitate to make copies and give them to your friends and family. Also, you could forward the PDF to colleagues, friends and family so they can play too. However, these puzzles can’t be sold, put into a book or collection (electronically or on paper) without written permission. Basically, if you give them away, but no selling. Easy-peasy

Who makes these free puzzles to share?

The National Puzzle Day founder, Jodi Jill has put together all the puzzles that are being released. As a creator of different word games, she has decided to put up a slew of puzzles for people to enjoy at their own leisure. As a syndicated puzzle maker, we all assume she is going to be putting up some of her best puzzles to share.

What if I don’t want to wait for the Free Puzzles?

If you are itching to start playing, may we suggest that you check out the Teacher’s Activity Packets. These packets are perfect for teachers, families and others who want to play some puzzles but don’t want to wait for the January released puzzles (or just want more!!)