National Puzzle Day 2020

For Immediate Release

January 29, 2020

#NationalPuzzleDay (on Social Media)

What does a Crossword puzzle, a Jigsaw puzzle and Sudoku all have in common? All of these activities are part of our daily lives and will be celebrated January 29th on National Puzzle Day. Every year on January 29, the world comes together to celebrate what passes time and makes us all smarter: Puzzles. It doesn’t matter if you are in school or taking a break from work, puzzles can fill up the time and create a joyous moment to relieve stress from life and offer a wee-bit of education.

On National Puzzle Day 2020, everyone is encouraged to enjoy a puzzle intentionally. This holiday  is one that is celebrated once a year on the same date. In 2020, it is the 11th anniversary National Puzzle Day. With over a million people celebrating last year, the response in 2020 is expected to be even bigger.

What happens on National Puzzle Day 2020?

Our cool holiday is a celebration of puzzles. Enthusiasts from around the world will be celebrating puzzles in their own unique ways. School kids have the opportunity to create their own puzzles, teachers can use our downloaded resources (free) to share with pupils and some schools even have group projects. Social groups, including senior groups and civic groups come together to play puzzles during a regularly scheduled meeting. Also in the past we’ve had families enjoy a puzzle and share the results on social media. Whatever the choice, the puzzles can be easy. Or they can be hard. From pictures to words and everything in-between, puzzles find their way into our homes and ultimately our hearts.

National Puzzle Day 2020: Free Puzzles for ALL

To celebrate National Puzzle Day in 2020, we encourage everyone to download our free resources located on our website On our site you will find over 50 FREE puzzles created by the founder of National Puzzle Day, Jodi Jill. Each puzzle is free to the public and can be reproduced for this big celebration. She also has composed and shared a teacher’s resource packet for anyone who works with kids. Teachers, homeschoolers and children’s groups are all welcome to download, reproduce and share the resources with all.

Who started National Puzzle Day?

The founder of National Puzzle Day is Jodi Jill. For the past ten years she has offered up free resources to share with people who love puzzles as much as she does. Living in Los Angeles, she is a syndicated  columnist, professional writer and creator of the puzzle Brain Baffler. Creating puzzles over the past 15 years, her desire to share puzzles had her start a national day and the rest is…well puzzle history. The success of National Puzzle day as grown substantially. In 2018, the hashtag #NationalPuzzleDay trended for hours on January 29 and thousands of people downloaded the free puzzles available to all.


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