National Puzzle Day 2020 Celebration

Happy National Puzzle Day 2020! This is held every year since January 29, 2018, is a celebration. It’s an opportunity to reflect on those puzzles, games and even challenges in life that we embrace every day but sometimes take for granted. This holiday might not be small in comparison to Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, but over the years it’s casually become more than a typical hashtag holiday. People come together, young and old, to discuss and play puzzles they love.

Who celebrates National Puzzle Day? In 2018 we have a group of teachers around the United States who will be introducing different puzzles to their classrooms. We are hoping to share the information of puzzles with individuals digitally by engaging on social media with our hashtag #NationalPuzzleDay. There will be special (free) puzzles given away to everyone who wants to partake in the celebration. In fact, we are hoping to share puzzles every day in the month of January!

The celebration of puzzles isn’t just an idea of puzzles played after work. Puzzles impact our daily lives. In fact, if you think about it, Life is one big puzzle in which we all try to solve.


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National Puzzle Day 2019 Facts and Figures:

  • Official name: National Puzzle Day 2020
  • Official Date: January 29, 2020
  • Celebration: 11th Anniversary in 2020
  • Social Media Hashtag: #NationalPuzzleDay
  • Where our Free Puzzles will be Posted to Download and Play (in January): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Puzzles highlighted: Word, number, board games, virtual, picture, room, video, wooden & more.

National Puzzle Day 2018 Creator: Jodi Jill is a syndicated puzzle columnist For over 18 years she has created Brain Baffler weekly for readers around the country. Author of over two dozen books, a Hollywood columnist and a huge Disneyland fan, she is the founder of National Puzzle Day reminds everyone on January 29 to take a minute and enjoy a puzzle. Her work has appeared in newspapers and online for over a decade. Jodi currently lives in Los Angeles with her puppy.

Please don’t forget to check for our free puzzles – We will be releasing new and Free puzzles during the month of January 2020.